Beef Lasagne

Premium quality beef in a traditional bolognese sauce, layered between soft sheets of pasta and topped with a creamy bechamel sauce.

Appetising & full of flavour.

6 x 2.4kg per ctn
GF 2.3kg
6 x 2.3kg per ctn
5 x 2.8kg per ctn

Catering Range

Premium 100% Angus beef, in a traditional bolognese sauce layered between soft sheets of pasta & topped with a creamy bechamel sauce, appetising and full of flavour.

Signature Lasagne

Angus Beef Lasagne

5 x3kg per ctn

The perfect vegetarian option. Fresh Vegetables layered inbetween our finest pasta sheets in our rich tomato sauce. Topped with our creamy bechamel sauce.

Vegetable Lasagne

6 x 2.2kg per ctn
GF 2.3kg
6 x 2.3kg per ctn

Traditional Potato Bake, made to the highest quality and with the finest ingredients. Our creamy Potato Bake is a must have on every menu and yes it's GLUTEN FREE.

Potato Bake

6 x 2kg per ctn

Traditional Macaroni Cheese, made with our creamy cheese sauce and highest of quality pasta. Oldest and delicious recipe in the book, its a must have for any event or personal indulgence.

Macaroni Cheese

6 x 2kg per ctn

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