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IQF Pasta

Pasta Sheets, Penne Pasta & Spiral Pasta




Interest created at the Fine Foods Show 1997 was phenomenal by virtue of our display featuring a number of ways to utilise a pre cooked Pasta Sheet.


The cooked “Pasta Sheet” measures approximately 200mm x 280mm so is the prefect size for a half gastronome tray or 2 sheets to a full gastronome if making Lasagne.


The extreme liability and ease of handling makes it a natural for Cannelloni rolls etc.  Because the pasta is cooked ‘al dente’ and there is no need to further cook, it can be used in various forms of Roulades, both sweet and savoury.


The samples we featured at the show were conventional Cannelloni rolls in both beef and ricotta with Roulades of strawberries and cream cheese as a sweet and spinach and ricotta as a savoury.


These fills are only limited by your imagination, thus provide a myriad of opportunities to experiment and create that something different!


From the “Pasta Sheet” you can extract your own pappadelle, fettuccine, spaghetti, capellini cuts or stamp any shape or configuration you require.  To further utilise these “extracts” simply blister in the deep fry and turn a simple triangle into a most attractive pillow, drench with honey and crushed nuts for a ready sweet or accompaniment, this approach can be taken with any of the ‘shapes’ to provide a unique and different presentation.


As evident the possibilities of use for the humble pre cooked “Pasta Sheet” are unlimited.


The major selling points are:


o    12 months frozen life    o    Pre cooked ‘al dente’    o

o    Ease of handling    o    Extreme pliability    o    Exceptional versatility   


3x2kg per ctn

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