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Our Products

School Range / Portion Control

Creating healthy meals for kids.


The team at Allied Chefs have combined flavour with a healthy alternative!


The perfect food provision for your canteen, designed by Chefs, the range of products have been created to comply with the school traffic light system & meet the most stringent of health requirements.

Gluten Free Range

Enjoy Allied Chefs quality new gluten-free meals!


The Allied Chefs team have created a Gluten Free Range of products to bring about a healthy lifestyle to all 

Pizza Range

Allied Chefs signature pizzas are perfect for every occasion. Authentic ingredients combine to produce a range of top quality pizza.

There's a pizza flavour for everyone!


Catering Range

The perfect Food Service solution...


Allied Chefs Catering Range is sure to have something to suit your needs. With a variety of different sizes and flavours, there is something for every menu.

Bulk Catering Range

Allied Chefs Bulk Catering Range can serve your requirements for catering needs. The variety of meals offered is sure to meet every prerequisite of food needs.

Filled Pasta

The filled pasta is quality pasta filled with exemplary ingredients. The filled pasta comes in three options, which will assist individual's specified food requirements.  

Dry Pasta

Allied Chefs Dry Pasta is carefully produced to traditional European recipes, prepared to required style and size. The dry pasta fettuccine is now available in plain and tricolour, to enable individuals wants are being met.

IQF Pasta

Our pasta sheets freshly cooked to al' dente and made within our own kitchen. IQF pasta range includes Pasta Sheets, Penne Pasta & Spiral Pasta, which can be used for your preference of sweet or savoury cooking.

Catering Sauces

Our finest homemade sauces made with the finest ingredients. The quality ingredients in various sauces can include lean beef, bacon, tomatoes, herbs and spices give our sauces the ultimate finish to any dish.

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