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Gluten Free Range

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Beef Lasagne

Authentic recipe of specially selected beef, tomatoes, fresh vegetables, herbs and spices, specially blended to form a superlative sauce, which together with a rich creamy bechamel sauce is layered between sheets of Allied Chefs' specially prepared pasta and topped with our special cheese blend.

Unit Size: 220gm

Units per Carton: 12

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Vegetable Lasagne

Garden fresh vegetables blanched and mixed with a delicately spiced cheese and bechamel sauce, layered between Allied Chefs' pasta sheets and topped with a tantalising napolitana sauce and garnished with parmesan cheese.

Unit Size: 200gm

Units per Carton: 12

GFMC Lid.jpg

Macaroni Cheese

Our specialy prepared elbow pasta is cooked to perfection before being covered in Allied Chefs'

creamy cheese sause and finished off with

our special cheese mix.

Unit Size: 200gm

Units per Carton: 12

Fried Rice

After years of research and product development, Allied Chefs have mastered the art and perfected the Heat & Serve Fried Rice.

Using the finest ingredients and cooked the traditional way Fried Rice should be cooked, you will enjoy the authentic taste and aroma of  both our Traditional and Vegetarian Fried Rice.

Unit Size: 200gm

Units per Carton: 24

SSPB Lid.jpg

Potato Bake

Traditional Potato Bake, made to the highest quality and with the finest ingredients. Our creamy Potato Bake is a must have on every menu and

yes it's GLUTEN FREE.

Unit Size: 200gm

Units per Carton: 24

GFBC Lid - Nut Free.jpg

Unit Size: 180gm

Units per Carton: 12

Butter Chicken

*** Now Nut Free ***

Succulent diced chicken breast covered in butter chicken sauce sitting along side our authentic rice.

Nacho Dippers

Crunchy corn chips ready to be dipped into Allied Chefs traditional bolognese sauce topped with a cheese sauce.

Unit Size: 160gm

Units per Carton: 20

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